If you are interested in increasing your marketing and sales performance, we are a resource that can help you find creative solutions to your marketing challenges based on a strong analytical foundation.  We specialize in:

  • Marketing Assessments
  • CRM System Selection & Implementation
  • Branch Network Optimization & Delivery Channel Analysis
  • Client Experience Measurement
  • Customer Relationship Management Strategy Development
  • Segmentation & Product Opportunity Modeling
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Website & Social Media Assessments

We work with you based on your specific needs, either on a retainer or a project basis. Whether you need an entire marketing effort on a retainer basis, or you need special project work, or just a helping hand while you work through staffing challenges, we're available to help you meet your marketing challenges head-on. With over 40 years in financial services marketing, we've got the expertise you need. Call or email us today to find out more about our experience and our programs and let us know what your critical marketing and sales challenges are so that we can craft a creative solution based on strong analytics just for you.




Barnett Bank

 Led the marketing department at the lead bank of Barnett Banks of Florida following a position leading Product Development & Product Management at the Holding company in Jacksonville. 


 Responsible for the total marketing function. In addition, served as project manager for McKinsey consulting projects, led the Quality Improvement process becoming a certified instructor for Phillip Crosby’s QIP and leading the Executive Quality Steering Committee. 

Sheshunoff Management Services

 Responsible for the Marketing Consulting Practice and key facilitator for the Marketing Affiliation Program. Worked with banks around the country to assess, develop, and implement better marketing and sales practices. Key player in all Re-engineering engagements providing revenue enhancement services.


Responsible for the CRM/Marketing Consulting Practice. Worked with banks around the country to assess, develop, and implement better solutions to increase marketing and sales success . 

High Performance Marketing

 Consulting firm focused on using a strong foundation of business intelligence to drive marketing and sales performance, Helped banks and credit unions achieve sustainable profitable growth through delivering marketing consulting services. 

Harland Financial Solutions (D+H)

Upgraded annual client conference sessions leading to the strongest client participation across the company. Higher levels of client engagement and satisfaction led to record number of client testimonial ads and success stories. 


Developed strategic marketing function re-positioning the bank for growth in a challenging economy. Developed new brand positioning focused on targeted segments achieving significant growth in Residential Lending, SBA Lending, CRE Lending, Core Deposits, and Wealth Management. 

360 View

 Responsible for helping 360 View and its clients develop: segmentation analysis and implementation , more intelligent on-boarding options, better marketing and strategic management reporting, features that will focus on wallet-share, household growth and attrition , branch optimization analysis, employee performance  

Resurgent Performance Inc

Serve as Senior Marketing Strategist helping RPI clients improve their marketing performance through a strong foundation of customer and market analytics.


Marketing Assessment



Often the first step in engaging with a client, a marketing/CRM assessment provides a complete view of the overall marketing and sales functions at the institution or could be limited to their utilization of CRM systems and analytical data. Normally a complete assessment reviews: structure and skill sets of the marketing function/staff, marketing plans, execution of tactics in support of the bank’s strategic direction/goals, utilization of MCIF/CRM systems, general use of market and customer data to enhance marketing efforts, sales support practices, incentive programs, pricing strategies, product development and product management initiatives, and delivery channel analysis. 

Strategic Marketing Planning


Helping organizations develop strong marketing strategic plans that support the company’s overall strategic objectives and optimize the marketing investment. Understanding customer segmentation and how to better target efforts to optimize limited resources is a critical component of marketing planning. Building a base of market knowledge is another component to building a foundation of business intelligence to drive information based planning.  

Branch Network Optimization


Optimizing the sales and service delivery system and helping you make informed decisions about opening new branches, closing branches, allocating your sales resources, and building market-based performance expectations for all your delivery sites. Our program takes the data to an actionable level with Segmentation and Product Opportunity Modeling. Identifying market opportunities by product through segmentation and share of wallet analysis for better product planning and goal setting for both marketing and sales initiatives. Specific Onboarding and Direct Marketing/Sales Programs can be developed from this data to ignite targeted growth.

Customer Relationship Management


Assessing readiness for implementing a customer-focused organization, providing a gap analysis, and developing CRM strategies and implementation plans to better focus the organization on becoming more customer-centric. Our segmentation and share of wallet analysis programs are the foundation of a strong customer relationship management methodology that focuses your sales and service efforts where you have the highest opportunity to drive improved bottom-line performance. Vendor selection, implementation, existing system assessments and developing strong marketing, sales and reporting processes that support the needs of the organization. If your system isn’t a strong tool for planning, management decision-making and execution, we can help you improve system utilization.

Website/Social Media Assessments


 Content driven assessment providing suggestions to improve content for enhanced customer engagement. Helping you make social media improve customer engagement  and your website a destination point instead of an electronic brochure.

Deposit Growth Strategy Development


Assisting with developing deposit growth strategies for financial institutions through an in-depth analysis of the commercial and consumer customer bases and the markets currently served.   

Our approach provides a strong analytical approach to understanding the bank’s growth potential and for better targeting marketing, promotional, and sales efforts in the quest to build additional deposits.  It provides a tremendous amount of market data that can support locational decisions in the future in addition to identifying what the key deposit opportunities are within your current footprint today.